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Own the future

Cutting-edge consultancy and the business school of tomorrow, Hyper Island is the transformation partner of choice for the world's leading companies. We empower people and organizations with the skills of the future.

Own the future

Cutting-edge consultancy and business school, Hyper Island is the transformation partner of choice for the world's leading brands. We empower people and organizations  with the skills to shape their futures today. 

Experience is everything

Each client brief is unique: 30 minute keynotes from industry experts, innovation sprints, design thinking training for leaders or digital transformation journeys for the whole organization…at Hyper Island we co-create amazing experiences. We develop the mindset and behaviours to help shape cultures adaptive to an uncertain and complex future. We do this with cutting edge content, cases and hands-on activities to build the meta skills of tomorrow today. Engaging and fun experiences through immediately applicable tools drive sustainable change.

Our Network

Join us to connect with a powerful network of global influencers, change agents and professional disruptors.



We offer global reach and local sensitivity. What started in Sweden has scaled to international hubs across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.



Our diverse network is made up of facilitators, consultants, and market experts from various backgrounds and nationalities.



More than 1,870 organizations transformed thanks to the unique Hyper Island methodology.

Let's talk?

Schedule a call with us at a time that is convenient for you. We would love to hear from you and understand how Hyper Island can help you and your organization.


Learn, unlearn, relearn

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