The Hyper Island Way™

The Hyper Island Way™ is about doing.

Change is hard and change is constant so you need to learn to continuously learn. And this you will do by making, creating, testing and building. You will need to be curious and daring. You need to question and challenge status quo’s. And you’ll need to be explorative and up to try new things. This is the type of people we make at Hyper Island. If you are willing to lean in and rise to the challenge, you will grow and find the confidence to be what’s next.

The Hyper Island Way™ is also about being.

That means it begins by understanding that change starts with you. Your values, your beliefs and your purpose are important components. Change is hard and change is constant and you really need to be able to lead yourself first and foremost to handle it. You also need to understand yourself to lead others. And you need be open to different perspectives to handle the ever increasing disruption driven by technology.

Our methodology

Our methodology is founded on a learner-centered, experience-based approach. We create facilitated learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge they can apply right away. In all our learning we always work with these fundamental tools.

  • Learn by doing

    Build, create, and experiment by creating opportunities to get hands on with the underpinnings of what’s driving change in business.

  • Dialogue and Feedback

    Providing the essential communication techniques to realize inclusion and empathy for others through active listening, feedback and effective dialogue.

  • Group Dynamics

    Experiences rooted in the foundational tools, theory and models around group dynamics and team development such as IMGD (Integrated Model of Group Development).

  • Reflection

    Developing critical reflection habits for individuals and teams provides opportunity to amplify experience and outcomes.

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Our story

The year was 1996, and three multimedia pioneers convened in a bar in Stockholm to discuss an upcoming CD-ROM project.  They agreed the age of digital was surely upon us and because of that organizations are going to need to evolve accordingly to that impending change in order to survive. That’s when they saw the opportunity to build a new institution of professional learning designed based on flexibility in anticipating and dealing with change. This would be a place that inspires creativity and innovation by challenging participants to practice experiential learning: to question, reflect deeply and explore different approaches to solving challenges. With that Hyper Island was born, named in part “Hyper” was a popular coding term and “Island” since the school was located on the island Stumholmen in Karlskrona. 

Today Hyper Island has a global presence over 25 years we have directly impacted more than 10 million people, trained more than 15.000 students, worked together with more than 2.000 companies and globally have more than 500 employees, remotely or in person in our offices in Sweden, England, United States, Singapore and Brazil.