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Meta Skills

The New Path to Prosperity and Success for Employees and Companies

Data from the World Economic Forum indicates that by 2025, 40% of workers worldwide will need some level of requalification due to the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence and other automation tools that are already being implemented in various professions.

As changes in the corporate world occur more frequently in increasingly fleeting time frames, meta skills become the focus for professionals, recruiters, and organizations in the pursuit of success.

But what are meta skills? Essentially, they are skills related to the act of "learning to learn" continuously.

These "macro" skills involve enhancing aspects such as creativity, relationship-building, and adaptability, which are necessary for the improvement of soft skills, such as assertive communication and problem-solving.

This set of skills proves to be an excellent path for companies to thrive in unpredictable and challenging scenarios while enhancing professionals, helping them stand out according to the dynamism of the market.

In the quest for the development of meta skills, it is essential to keep in mind that they are behaviors and attitudes that develop cognitively. In other words, they depend on metacognition to be enhanced.

Metacognition is simply being aware of your individual cognitive processes and how they guide you.

Only then can you understand how you learn, deal with problems, and solve them, as well as control and improve these processes.

Once professionals become aware of their attitudes, the second point that begins to develop is self-regulation.

Thus, professionals will be better equipped to identify obstacles and make adjustments to make more assertive decisions, ensuring that the organization's objectives are efficiently achieved.

HR departments of companies traditionally focused on developing specific career paths for each employee. Currently, the field is redefining training and development programs focused on developing meta skills, recognizing them as essential assets for innovation and standing out in an ever-changing job market.


Another point is that these future skills not only enhance the individual capabilities of employees but also enable organizations to leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence and automation.

Through meta skills, professionals can empower artificial intelligence technologies rather than being replaced by them.

Thus, we can observe that meta skills not only improve problem-solving abilities and enable innovation within companies but are also excellent for strengthening the synergy between the team and the use of new technologies.

In addition to making employees more resilient and adaptable to crises or challenging moments.

Companies that value and cultivate this set of characteristics will certainly have a competitive advantage in facing unpredictable scenarios.

Therefore, investing in the development of these aspects in employees is a benefit for both parties in a business and is still a valuable strategy to ensure long-term sustainability and success.

Tim Lucas

Head of Hyper Island North America... speaker, learning designer & business leader. PhD in Anthropology.

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