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Business transformation

The Learning Lab for teams of change makers within your organization. Develop the individuals who will be the catalyst for transformation and develop their skills for designing and influencing change.


In a world of constant transformation this Lab will help empower your team to design, navigate and influence change with confidence.

You will understand how to utilise the power of networks; learn diagnostic tools for rapid analysis; explore cutting-edge case studies, and implement a powerful transformation process.

You'll receive tools to put ideas into practice, create compelling narratives and learn tools for collaborative ideation and innovation processes. Your team will also learn how to plan for how to strategically work with innovation to become facilitators of transformation and change agents within an organization.

Flexible and dynamic, the Business Transformation Lab can be tailored for 8-16 hours of live facilitated learning with lab kits, activities and real time support.

Before and after the training our unique AI assessment tools combine artificial intelligence and anthropological intelligence to assess your teams needs and inform the Lab content and activities. 


Applying Design in Transformation

Explore the power of design and work with some simple tools to help you navigate the complex world of business transformation.

People and Systems

See business transformation through the lens of design and systems thinking. Dive into four interconnected concepts: Polarity Management, Integrative Thinking, Chaos Theory, and the Uncertainty Mindset.

Creating Momentum

How to generate awareness, interest, engagement, and commitment to the change your team is trying to promote.

Influencing the Transformation

Map the ecosystem and explore your own role as a change agent. Learn tools that will give you new lenses to understand how systems and cultures change.



Capacity to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems.


Ability to adapt to changing situations and embrace new perspectives.


Ability to inspire and guide others, fostering a positive team environment.


Skill in working effectively with others to achieve common goals.

Critical Thinking

Ability to analyze situations, solve problems, and make decisions.


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Lab components


AI powered assessment tools allow us to tailor the Lab to your teams needs.

Live Sessions

Participants explore and discuss topics together, often with subject specialists.

Curated Lab Kits

Inspiring curated  and original content designed to expand thinking.


Activate learning by putting into practice in the real world.


Participants evidence and cement learning by completing a reflection on what they have learnt.

Professional Certificate

Recognised by industry experts all over the world.


Our methodology is founded on a learner-centered, experience-based approach. We create facilitated learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge they can apply right away. In all our learning we always work with these fundamental tools.

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Labs that impact your most valuable resource

Stay ahead of the curve

Get the latest trends and perspectives from industry experts, and take part in developmental training directly connected to real cases and business challenges.

Exceptionally close ties between learning & working

Your team will put ideas into real-world practice using our progressive methodology of learning by doing, which supports direct implementation and action planning.

Develop internal talent and growth

Continuous learning will support and increase collaboration, wellbeing and clarity in process and prioritizing. This in turn, will support individual implementation of new ideas and ways of working to foster a growth mindset.

Realise immediate business benefits

With a strong focus on applicable skills and knowledge, our courses have been designed for the current and future needs of a complex world. .

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