Business Transformation

We facilitate leadership, team development and strategy & innovation with the purpose of creating change that matters.

We design and facilitate journeys for companies.

No two clients' needs are the same and as a result no two designs are the same. Any journey begins with a diagnostic phase and we subsequently co-create our programs with our clients so that each one is creatively tailored to the unique needs of the client, their team, the moment and metrics of success


We design and facilitate workshops of all shapes and sizes.  Whatever the theme: leadership, futures strategy, team culture, or creativity we know that the why and the how are they keys to success. For this reason the one constant is our unique Hyper Island methodology which promotes experience based learning. Our learning designers, facilitators and speakers empower individuals and teams to find inclusive, collaborative and creative solutions to all kinds of complex business challenges. 

Tailored transformation journeys

Digital Transformation? Business transformation? it’s all about people transformation. We create large scale ongoing change programs that can impact all levels of an organization. Typically larger in scale and longer to deliver, we believe in creating adaptive journeys in which individuals and teams can appropriate the tools, mindset and behaviours to drive change through the organisation’s ecosystem. Our 3U methodology empowers individuals to be the agents of change and create a movement for long term sustainable transformation.

Innovation sprints

Hyper Island can work with your team to deliver a complete design sprint from problem diagnosis to the delivery of actionable prototypes. Typically lasting between one to two weeks we can help create high performing and diverse innovation teams to work on creative problem solving through human centric innovation principles and beyond. We can also help clients to create their own innovation labs as well as programmes to innovate together with clients.

Customized courses

Hyper Island regularly works with clients to customise our open courses for the needs of their own teams. We will listen to your needs and tailor the material and delivery format to what works best for each client, whether in face to face, hybrid or remote format.


The Hyper Island collaborator network has a wide range of global speakers with varied profiles who can craft Keynote speeches to elevate any event.

Event curation

Hyper Island can help plan, design and facilitate company events on and off-site. In the past we have clients to create the initial concept for events, design the learning interactions, team building and other informal elements of the event as will as the communications to help drive engagement amongst participants.

Reignite Sessions: Experience the Hyper Island Way™

Would you like an introduction to how the Hyper Island Way can help transform your organization? Request a 2-hour trial workshop for your company.

Each session includes impactful content and activities designed to help teams reflect and identify new ways of working. This format adapts for small teams of 5 people to larger groups with a maximum of 50 participants.

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