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Future proof your skillset and be the protagonist of your own transformation process. Join one of our experiential learning journeys and become part of a world-leading network of change agents.

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Remote courses

Connect with change makers from across the the world in our cohort based online sessions. Our courses are designed to offer an interactive and immersive experience through live facilitated workshops and supporting content and cases.

What you gain in this experience

Practical Experience

You will learn from real-world content, challenges and cases to drive real world ready skills applicable today.

Build Your Network

Learn with facilitators and participants with diverse expertise and experiences.

Personal Transformation

Reflect on how to apply the learnings to your personal and organizational challenges.

The Hyper Certificate

At the grand finale of the course, you'll be bestowed with the coveted Certificate of Completion, proudly showcasing the total hours you've invested and providing concrete evidence of your active participation. Let the adventure begin!

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In-person masterclasses & networking events

In an in-person format, gain intensive access to Hyper Island's methodology. Alongside people from different areas and expertise, create powerful connections for your transformation journey.

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+ 5.000 ALUMNI

We offer you the chance to form part of a community with more than +5000 people around the world.


27 years experience of developing and running programs


Over 8 out of 10 participants would recommend others to take an online course with Hyper Island.


We regularly customize our remote and in-person courses for companies. Talk to us about tailoring the learning journey and course content to the needs of your business and your team's schedule.

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About Hyper Island

In 2023, Hyper Island celebrates 27 years as a provider of education and facilitator of immersive learning experiences, for both individuals and businesses. During this time, we have worked to help people develop and cultivate their skills to face the challenges of a constantly changing society.

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