Reignite Sessions

A unique Hyper Island experience for you and your team

High Impact Workshops

Would you like an introduction to the Hyper Island Way for your team?

Why not try one of our unique complimentary 2 hour remote workshops facilitated for teams of 5 to 50 participants.

Each session includes impactful content and activities designed to help teams reflect and identify new ways of working.

The workshop design can be customised to the needs of your team.

Why Reignite?

The past two years have been incredibly challenging. Even the most empathetic leaders and the most collaborative teams have been forced to think and act differently. We have seen many large organisations adapt and implement innovation and transformation practices at lightning speed.

At Hyper Island we have distilled all that we have learnt with our clients across the globe to create a range of introductory workshops. The sessions build on common themes as we build out of the Covid moment and will be customised to address real world client needs and in doing so allow you and and your teams get first hand exposure to the Hyper Island Way.

Choose the Reignite Session for your team.

Future Foresight Workshop

Help your team better navigate an uncertain future. Hyper Island acts as a consultancy with clients across a range of sectors to combine a range of innovative, creative and strategic disciplines to identify and question trends and their manifestations, and explore meaningful opportunities they can create. We help clients explore and better understand emerging trends and help take them in the right direction for strategic planning, product and service innovation or to help prototype and launch moonshots.

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Creative Confidence Sprint

At a time when creativity has never been so in demand the covid pandemic has paradoxically created a range of challenges for individual and collective creativity. This workshop can help teams to refresh their creative confidence through a range of activities to develop the mindset and skills for ideas generation, team collaboration and greater diversity. The workshop will present tools and creative frameworks for immediate application.

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Team Reconnect Workshop

We know how challenging the past two years have been for teams. Talent acquisition and retention has never been so crucial to our clients. For this reason the Reconnect workshop is designed to help your team to reflect, reconnect and explore their next steps together. This workshop is designed to help teams reflect on their collective needs and explore a range of tools to empathy, collaboration and diversity for future success.

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The Next Consumer Workshop

The past two years have seen major shifts in consumer behaviours and expectations. The Covid pandemic has accelerated digital transformation with massive implications for customer journeys. Help your team to creatively explore the next generation of customer experiences and identify opportunities to innovate and add value today.

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Leading Hybrid Organisations

Throughout the pandemic Hyper Island has continuously helped leaders to adapt to emerging challenges of leading distributed teams. This dynamic workshop equips leaders with the tools and techniques to successfully lead themselves, their teams and their organisations. It will allow you to lead with focus for productivity, creativity and empowerment.

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How to sign up for a session

  • 1

    Push the button… contact Hyper Island to register your interest in a Reignite Session.

  • 2

    We will arrange time to chat as soon as possible. We will listen to your needs and what success looks like from one of our introductory workshops.

  • 3

    On the basis of this conversation we will book a time and date for the session and we’ll create a unique learning design for the workshop.

  • 4

    We will help create the communication to help engage your team.

  • 5

    Hyper Island will facilitate the workshop in our own digital platforms or yours if you prefer.

  • 6

    After the workshop we will follow up to share our insights on the session.

In doubt? Get in touch to find the best solution for your company: