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Veronica Magariños

I am an accomplished facilitator with a passion for leadership, diversity, and transformative innovation. I leverage the art of compelling storytelling to captivate audiences, igniting a desire for impactful change and growth. Drawing from my extensive experience in senior consultancy & facilitation roles for over 7 years in 3 continents & with more than 100 top tier multinational companies. I bring a wealth of expertise in fostering inclusive cultures and leveraging diverse perspectives to create competitive advantages.

As a seasoned facilitator, I specialize in complex problem-solving and navigating the intricacies of cultural shifts. I am dedicated to empowering organizations to adapt and excel in an ever-evolving world. My warm, personable style encourages an environment of open dialogue and collaboration, fostering an atmosphere that is as inclusive as it is innovative.

Utilizing my strong communication skills, I connect with my audience on a personal level, translating complex concepts into relatable insights and actionable strategies. This ability to distill and communicate intricate ideas ensures that my sessions are not only relevant but also valuable to a diverse range of participants.

My drive to empower both individuals and organizations to maximize their potential is a cornerstone of my facilitation philosophy. I inspire individuals to embrace their unique strengths, challenge the status quo, and confidently step into leadership roles. I am dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages change, nurtures innovation, and promotes a culture of inclusivity and growth.

In all of my roles, whether it be speaker, leader, or facilitator, I remain steadfast in my commitment to driving positive change. I am dedicated to enhancing diversity, fostering innovation, and cultivating success within any organization or event.

Fluent in English, Spanish ans Portuguese

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