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Meta Skills

The Learning to Learn Skills for Future Success

Meta Skills Explained

Meta skills, also known as "learning to learn" skills, help you learn and develop other skills.  Meta skills empower individuals to thrive in unpredictable environments, fostering adaptability, resilience, and the ability to navigate complex challenges with a growth mindset. Distinct from soft skills, meta skills focus innate psychological capacities that enable continuous learning and problem-solving. These future skills are permanent and foundational, higher-order abilities. They provide the ability to operate effectively amidst uncertainty, leveraging interconnected networks and embracing diverse perspectives. With automation and AI reshaping the job market, meta skills offer a human touch, emphasizing socio-emotional attitudes and qualities vital in enhancing human-machine collaboration and adapting to AI technologies. Meta skills promote a culture of lifelong learning, encouraging individuals to proactively acquire new knowledge and competencies.

The CRAFT Framework

The CRAFT model is Hyper Island's framework for developing Meta Skills. Each of the 5 skills pillars are closely interconnected and incorporate a range of skills such empathy and resilience which are identifiable across the 5 categories.


Curiosity, imagination & an open mind for complex problem solving


Core skills of empathy, collaboration,  inclusion & social intelligence


Raise your resilience through cognitive agility and greater self awareness


Applying constant curiosity and prospection with an explorer mindset

Thriving Through Mattering

Finding meaning and purpose to fuel self-leadership

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