How about ending the year with a moment to celebrate achievements, reflect and build on the lessons learned and project the future of your team? Hyper Island can help design and facilitate a face-to-face, hybrid or remote team workshop with the tools that promote reflection and integration in teams. 

An engaging, thought-provoking and fun retrospective - what better way to help your team celebrate 2022 in style and prepare for an amazing 2023!

What is a Wrap Up session?

A Hyper Wrap up is an opportunity for your team to learn from the experiences they had in 2022 or maybe a given project, in order to support their development and offer a moment of reflection and celebration.

From time to time it is important to stop, explore what worked, what needs improvement and identify possible actions for the future. 

At Hyper Island we know the importance of creating rituals. At each closing of the cycle, it is essential to celebrate the achievements and provide a moment of integration for the team.

If you are looking for a unique way to honour your team and the years end… why not try a wrap party… the Hyper Island Way. 

Here are just some of the advantages of wrapping up with Hyper Island:

  • Session Design

    We design for the What and the How

  • Facilitation Team

    Facilitators that maximise engagement and empowerment

  • Tools

    Use of Hyper Island tested methods and processes

  • Fun

    We know the importance of fun for learning and collaboration

How it works

A Live Session with face-to-face, hybrid or remote sessions, adapted to the needs of your company:

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Download the program presentation:

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Some of the tools we can apply

Focusing on each of the objectives, we made a selection of tools applied by Hyper Island. Here are some examples you are likely to only see in Hyper Island workshops:

  • Roller Coaster Check-In

    This fun exercise creates a shared and powerful picture of feelings in the group. People place themselves at different points on the roller coaster, explaining their dominant feeling at the moment.

  • Journey Map

    The main objective of this activity is to remember and reflect on the past experiences of the participants, to create a collective experience and a shared history. We use this exercise at the end of a project, program or year as a way to reinforce learnings, celebrate highlights, and create closure.

  • Start, Stop, Continue

    After reflecting on how the year went, now it's time for the team to sit down and decide what they should continue, stop and start! A powerful tool for setting goals and improving team performance.

  • Super Heroes

    An exercise in self-awareness and personal development. What are your superpowers? Which ones are seen by your team and which ones do you want to develop?

  • Hello Kitty

    An awesome group energy booster. Quick spoiler: the last kitten standing is the winner!

  • Feedback: Your Turn

    Each of the group will take a moment to listen to positive feedback from their teammates. A very powerful tool, which strengthens connections and puts the team spirit at the highest point of the roller coaster.

Tips: How to make the experience even more special

In addition to our easy wrap up session, we recommend a few things to make this event more special and fun!

  • Celebrating Results

    Share the results of the year with your team ! We think it is very important to make tangible what was accomplished in this period.

  • Treats

    How about preparing a kit with some treats for your team? They're always welcome ;)

  • Happy Hour

    Even from a distance, a happy hour is always a good ingredient to make an event more fun

    and relaxed.

  • Disconnect to Connect

    Disconnect your team from everyday tasks and obligations. This is the best way to relax and reconnect.

Wrap up by Hyper Island

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Com a Hyper Island, seu time pode ir mais longe:

  • Não trazemos respostas prontas, construímos com você

    Diferente das consultorias tradicionais, não trazemos respostas externas para que nossos clientes apliquem. Facilitamos jornadas de aprendizagem onde os próprios stakeholders constroem as respostas.

  • Ajudamos a sua empresa a se conectar com ferramentas e metodologias atuais

    Trazemos nossa expertise e metodologias atualizadas para facilitar a curva de aprendizagem dos nossos clientes, e impulsionar a otimização de resultados em cada jornada. A partir do briefing, desenhamos uma trilha de aprendizado“hands-on” e realizamos uma curadoria de ferramentas especiais para cada equipe e sessão.

  • Nosso foco está no resultado

    Nossas jornadas são orientadas pela busca por resultados de curto, médio e longo prazo. A Metodologia Hyper Island Way™ oferece interação completa para alcançar níveis de aprendizado parametrizáveis, com investimento e metodologias aplicáveis, desde o primeiro dia. Aprendizado com retorno comportamental mensurável e clareza nos resultados.

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About Hyper Island

For over 25 years, Hyper Island has been a world leader in the immersive learning experience industry. 

We were born in 1996, on the island of Karlskrona, Sweden, to help people adapt to the technological changes that were emerging at the time. In today's world, the transformation we are looking for has taken on an even broader spectrum, that of human collaboration. To design new futures, we need to learn to collaborate, not to be afraid of making mistakes, to be empathetic, true and above all, self-aware. The challenge of preparing people and organizations for transformation is even greater than it was 25 years ago. But never have we, as individuals and organizations, been so aware of the beauty of perpetually learning. 

At Hyper Island, we help people and organizations make changes from the inside out and, from there, co-create new futures.